Serving the Children of the World
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Our club is involved in a variety of projects that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide.  Below are the projects in which we are currently involved:

Service Projects

Kiwanis Funday at the Rec Center gives Haywood County's children access to the facilities of the Waynesville Recreation Center for the day.  Food, games, and groups activities are also available.  When: May

5th Grade Spelling Bee is a team competition among the 5th grade classes in the Haywood County Public Schools.  Each classroom enters a team of 3 spellers and an alternate.  It is a written competition; all teams are spelling the same words.  For 3 rounds of increasing difficulty missed words may be "bought back" with play money.  If more than 1 team is still playing aftert the 3rd round, a tie-breaker round follows.  Food is also available.  Last year's winner was Erin Horton's class from Meadowbrook Elementary School.  When: November

3rd Grade Dictionaries are delivered to every third grader in the Haywood County public schools.  The students really enjoy receiving them.  Sometimes it is the first book they have ever owned.  When: September

BUG (Bringing Up Grades) is a project to encourage elementary school students to strive for better academic success.  Students who improve their grades or maintain a level of excellence are recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

Waynesville Christmas Parade is a joint project of Kiwanis and the Downtown Waynesville Association.  This 200-unit holiday kickoff is held in the evening of the first Monday in December.

Fund Raising Projects

Kiwanis Flag Service provides flags to Waynesville businesses and churches on the major Federal holidays.  We also put out international flags for Folkmoot, the NC International Festival, held each July in Waynesville.  There is a fee for this service.

Kiwanis Adult Spelling Bee is a team competition like the 5th Grade Spelling Bee.  Teams come from local businesses and organizations who pay an entry fee.  Missed words may be bought back with real money.  Food is available, including our popular mashed potato bar.  Last year's winner was Friends of the Library.  When: April 17, 2015

Kiwanis BBQ has been a popular annual event for over 50 years in Waynesville and Haywood County. When: 1st Friday in October

Kiwanis Grants

Scott Grants are administered by the club from a bequest by late member Jim Scott and his wife.  These grants, which range up to $20,000 are restricted to serving the needs of children 13 of age and under in Haywood County, NC.

Kiwanis Unrestricted Grants are awarded for projects serving the needs of Haywood County children of all ages.  Typically, they support projects in the schools for which funds are not otherwise available.  These grants are funded by our fundraising projects.

Service Leadership Projects

The Kiwanis Club of Waynesville sponsors an Aktion Club in Haywood County and Key Clubs in both Tuscola and Pisgah High Schools.  We are in the early stages of a Division project seeking to establish a Circle K Club at Western Carolina University.